Burnley based magician Andrew Tunney is one of the most sought after Close Up Magicians in Lancashire.


Hired to entertain at the most exclusive events in the UK

Weddings,Corporate Events & any other occasion you could think of. 

Andrew has performed magic on Sky Television 


Andrew performs as a close up magician mixing magic with mind reading. 

 that will leave your guests baffled, amazed, and most importantly remembering your occasion or event for years to come..


Andrew has performed magic on Sky Television and also worked along side many celebrities including Fleur East, Charlie Ross & The Singing Waiters.

If you are looking to book a Magician for your event, someone that will help to make your special occasion even more memorable and leave your family, friends or customers with a long lasting impression of you and the day they spent with you, then look no further than Mystique Magic. (Wedding,Corporate,Event specialist.)

With over 15 years of experience in entertaining people of all ages Andrew has something  for everyone. Why have a Magician or a Mentalist when you can have the two rolled into one, couple that with the fact Andrew's show can be walk round up close and personal or presented on stage or in a parlor situation.
Weddings,  Corporate Events  Proms or any occasion, Andrew's style of delivery means you get the very best entertainment for you and your guests.


In order to reach me:

Tel: 07525218666 07525218666

Hi Andrew

I thought I would share with you the text of the blog update I posted on Sunday evening after we'd met you.

"Berni and I went to Eaves Hall yesterday to attend our first Wedding Fair of 2016. To be honest I wasn't sure exactly why we were going because, by my reckoning, we've booked and paid deposits on just about everything we need to arrange at this stage. But the weather was lousy and Berni persuaded me that a wander round a wedding fair was better than either staying at home and watching the telly or else going for a walk and getting soaked.

As it turns out I’m really pleased she did. We got to see - and sample - some fabulous wedding cakes. Plus we picked up lots of fab ideas for room styling and table decorations. (I've just read back that last bit back to myself and, you're right, I have turned into a complete girl - I have no excuses.)

Anyway, the real bonus was meeting a chap called Andrew. He’s something of a cross between an illusionist who does close-up magic and a mind reader. Up til now I've been a bit sceptical about us having a magician to entertain all our guests while Berni and I are busy being photographed. I think it's perhaps become a bit of a cliché. Plus I also reckon we are all of us now so used to seeing amazing things happening on television etc. that we've all become a bit blasé about card tricks and close-up magic. So when he offered to show us what he did I needed a lot of convincing.

He started by asking me to think of a word – any word I liked, and preferably a long word. (Clearly he didn’t know who he was talking to - I only know long words!) Of course he had all the patter and he maintained a barrage of chatter for several minutes but I very determinedly kept silent throughout so as to give him no clues - even inadvertently - about my choice. And I maintained my silence all the way up to the point when he finally asked me to reveal the word I’d chosen.

I have no explanation for what happened next. I said out loud the word I’d chosen to which he said nothing but, remaining in my full sight, he reached into his pocket for his wallet out of which he produced a sealed envelope which he then handed to me. And of course, you’ve guessed, when I opened it the word I'd randomly chosen was written on a card inside!

I'm no longer a sceptic. We think he's amazing but you'll be able to judge for yourself because you'll be seeing him at Broadoaks sometime during the course of the big day."



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